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Aries Gold

Insanely great! The Aries Gold timepieces are from the only brand originating from Singapore that continues breaking new grounds with their combinations of world-class designs backed by quality craftsmanship and choice of materials. The brand’s dedicated efforts into perfecting their range of accessible luxury makes every Aries Gold Watch a robust, precise and ergonomically viable piece that stand as an emblem of their ethos!

Elegant and enchanting, the timeless design of the Aries Gold watches are suited for every man and woman with a high-sense of style and fashion! Every Aries Gold Automatic Watch represents top-notch aesthetics; high-end detailing for both Aries Gold Men Watch and Aries Gold Ladies Watch collections that does not demand top-end prices. Especially the sapphire glasses with anti-reflective coating; all come with Japanese and Swiss-manufactured automatic movements, a large chunk of them belonging to the premium, handcrafted categories. Even the leather used is produced in specialized tanneries of Hessen, Germany, famous for its leatherwork.

Aries Gold exudes elegance and prestige from its extensive collection fit for the royalty! They are bold and elegant; their signature designs blending seamlessly with elegant formal wear; haute couture apparels and even casual outfits. A union between precision engineering and regal grandeur, every Aries Gold Automatic Watch is an extremely durable piece of accessory crafted out of low-carbon, ultra-high tensile materials prepared with their specialized smelting process, making them immune to perspiration and humidity.

Effortlessly stylish, Aries Gold ensures confidence and style through their aesthetically pleasing demeanor, brought about by the multi-faceted Swarovski crystals. An enhanced shine and luster thus becomes a hallmark of the Aries Gold watch collections.

Choose your piece from the Urban, the Rally, the Pioneer, the Aviation and the Enchant collections; with each series made for individuals proficient for a different walk of like. Attain a grip of stability with the Aries Gold Watches, no matter what the circumstances are!

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