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Kolber watches

Kolber Watches are Swiss-made, quality watches. Kolber is a name that signifies elegant and luxurious timepieces that are fashionable and sportive at the same time. They have been crafted with the modern society in mind, to make you move to and fro between urban and fairly outdoor. You’ll find some of the most affordable and extraordinary and Mens Watches and Watches For Women in our Kolber collection, including pairs and pocket watches. These are mostly Kolber Gold Watches and introduced post the quartz crisis.
Kolber has always been on the forefront of change and technical innovation since their initiation. The last three decades has seen Kolber staying true to the roots; the original principles Swiss craftsmanship follows. The Genéve values of Kolber are geared towards the belief that ‘Swiss Made’ watches must also embrace affordability. Kolber does not stratospherically price their watches in return for a superior quality and striking forms. They offer that at an accessible level, aspiring to go higher.
Born in 1983 in the home of Swiss watchmaking, Genéve; Kolber’s participation in the Swiss watch industry revival post the quartz crisis has put them on the forefront of experimentations and innovations. And that’s not just technical. Kolber is a major supplier to the demanding market.
One of the prominent points of Kolber is the Butterfly clasp to be found in the Mainline collection; the fashionable, pair watches are also given the same in three different executions. Their butterfly-like two metal hinges open to the right and left; just like spreading wings. Attached to the watch with a spring bar, they enhance the overall appearance of a watch. It’s also easier to open and close. They cater to the fashion-conscious clientele very well; with Swiss movements as pleasant add-ons. All the Kolber watches are fitted with Swiss Ronda movements.


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