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A red winding rotor is what makes the Oris Watches readily recognizable among a plethora of other Swiss watches and symbolizes the brand’s passion with mechanical, automatic wristwatches, continuing since the year 1904. An Oris automatic watch is sure to become your favorite timepiece if an uncompromising craftsmanship and an impeccable design are what you are looking forward to, at a price that allures instead of shocking you. It is the Swiss-based brand's true fanaticism towards making every detail a perfect one that sets Oris watches apart from other affordable Swiss luxuries; their focus solely upon mechanical automatic movements creates some of the best divers’ and aviators’ models, both in the Oris ladies watches and Oris mens watch lineups.

The new Oris watches that started coming up from the year 2000 cover a vast range of purpose-driven functional werables, covering the areas of diving, aviation and motor sports. With their innovations like a Quick Lock Crown system, the Rotation Safety System, the Depth Gauge and the 10-day power reserve, every Oris diver and Oris chronograph for sale becomes an exotic piece that keeps its magic hidden under the covers. Till you want to witness them in real life use.

Every Oris dive watch you’ll find among this Oris watches online collection brings you a separate line of Oris women's watches that serve dual purposes of being fashionable accessories and utility wear when need be. Oris is a company that makes some very honest watches that are more than a name on the dials and the entire range they have on display is an example of keeping things low until there appears a need for them. Till then, wear them as a regular wear in an averagely active city life and be surprised later on when serious fun takes the center stage.

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