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A watch is no more a fashion accessory. Today, they come with additional features and functions; some so high that they can easily pass as the professionals’ tools. However, most of the times their esthetics clearly reflects that tech part and it becomes hard to put them into day to day, urban use. Ratio Watches are a stark contrast to such inconveniences; while embracing state of the art technology meant only for professional freediving professionals, their appearance makes them fit for high-flown, urban fashion trends. The Ratio Freediver watches; therefore, bring to the wearer the whole ‘freediving’ way of life.

Just like freediving is one of the extreme sports that surpass the boundaries of physical endurance, the Ratio Divers Watches also reach the extents of extremities while smiling all the way and back. They are sturdy, so you can do your job without the fear of damaging your prized possession and achieve a greater degree of not just success in your endeavor but also a higher degree of inner peace. That’s because everything in these Divers Watches remain in a perfect ratio, in terms of usability, built and style.

The Freediver watches - as the name signifies – are stripped of the glitzy bells and whistles and embrace just the essentials the sport of freediving demands. In a sport where you need to rely solely upon your physical and mental endurance and accurately gauge the dive logistics. Without the Freediver Gents stainless steel diver's watch, chances are you’ll worry more than you’ll enjoy your sport. You can’t go as reckless as with other watches of this quality that demand a sky high price. Available as a 200M Diver's Watch model and 1000M Diver's Watch model, the Ratio Freediver men's diver's watches bring about a new era in diving sports, where everything present you will hold in high regard.

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