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Seiko Premier Watches

The Premier Collection takes dress watch refinement to a new level. With new calibers and models, the Premier collection is stronger than ever, reflecting its ever-growing international popularity. With its subtle design accents, the classic Premier look is refreshed and refined.
Seiko Premier sheds most sports elements and steps into casual and dress category. Instead of the function oriented indices of the Sportura or Velatura, you will discover dignified Roman numerals; instead of the thick, bulky hands of the Velatura, you will find extended, elegant swords. The subdials have been accurately distributed around the dials, in order to create a sense of harmony, balance, and dignity. In a way, Seiko Premier compensates for all the aggressiveness and adrenaline used up in the other collections, and shows Seiko's calmer and more deliberate side.
The Premier collection for women: The Premier women's collection has long been a success. The Premier design attribute combines sobriety and classicalism with a modern cleverness that is perfectly expressed in the watches. With diamonds or without, every Premier women's watch is as practical as it is elegant, with 10 bar water resistance, curved sapphire crystals and cabochon crowns.
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